Do I bring my own putter when coming for a lesson?

Absolutely! We will always work with your own equipment and if needed, recommend changes to the setup of it to improve your game.

Where do the lessons and fittings take place?

When the weather is our friend we will almost certainly be working and learning on real grass. At certain times of the year this becomes difficult and we move to our indoor studio to provide the level of consistency needed from the surface.

What technology do you use?

We currently use SAM Puttlab and Trackman 4 to measure putter and ball data. The level of detail provided by ultrasound for putter information and radar for ball roll is unmatched with any other systems currently.

How long should I expect before I see improvements?

The honest answer is straight away. Many of the problems in putting are ironed out in the first session. Anything beyond this will become maintenance work to cement the changes made.

Why is the first session 90 mins?

The first session provides us with the only opportunity to gain enough information on what you do as a player. Your putting DNA is recorded, along with the spec of your current putter before a detailed discussion of the required changes take place. Then we get to work on improving.