Putting Coaching

How many shots would you save holing every putt inside 10 feet?

The challenge of a putting is to keep a simple action simple.

There is more than one way to skin a cat and the skill is keeping as close to your current way of doing it whilst improving your averages. No two strokes are the same, no two lessons are the same.

We start with observation. Collecting information about you and the way you do things. This is vital in building a framework of your strengths and weaknesses under pressure. Using this is creates a clear path to change.

We work together to make changes in elements, broken down into segments and focused on one by one before bringing it all together with the same observations we started with.

The session concludes with a report of the changes and your action plan to practise.

The way a player holds the putter is often the result of trying to manage the weight.

Almost all players who have a putter bought from the shelf will need a length adjustment to aid setup

The majority of mid to high handicap golfers struggle with the tempo of their stroke.

One degree of error in face aim at impact will miss the hole from 10ft.

Hours of Coaching
Shots Saved
"I have worked with Scott for almost a year now and my game has never been in a better place. His coaching style makes everything so simple."
Iain Hogg
12 Handicap
"I've reached my lowest handicap ever and picked up a club championship along the way. I can't recommend Scott enough."
Vincent Smith
Club Member